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General Overview

You have chosen a college that is in United State for its academic rigor and excellence.  It is our goal to provide student services in such a manner that each student will achieve his or her academic, career and personal goals.

Student Services exists to engage, support and challenge students to embrace responsibility for their Christ-centered, holistic development as they prepare for a lifetime of service and global impact.

Within Student Services there are many support programs available to ensure your success. The array of student services programs include: Housing/Host Family Service, VISA service, School Transfer, Reinstatement, Student OPT Service, Transcript and Diploma Evaluation, Student Service, test pre program.

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.

Housing/Host Family Service

Your English skills will improve more quickly, and you will enjoy a wonderful relationship with your American family and roommate.

VISA service

New application, renew visa or other countries’ visa; we will have one on one interview training, document preparation and additional attention remaindering.

School Transfer

Help student transfer to another school before register or maintain current credit in new school as much as we can.


The student I-20 will been terminated by International Student Officer! Don’t worry we can help you recover your student status ASAP.

Student OPT Service

Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows eligible F-1 students to engage in employment within their major area of study.

Transcript and Diploma Evaluation

Credential evaluation makes it easier for admissions officers to understand your degrees, courses and grades in U.S. terms.

Test-Pre program

Getting a good SAT, ACT or GRE, GMAT score has many big advantages, in addition to giving you a wider selection of colleges to choose from.

Other Student Service

Wealth Ocean provides more complete student services. It is more assured and reliable for you to study and live in United States.

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