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    International Winter/Summer Camp provides an opportunity for students to experience foreign cultures through oversea studies. Courses are carefully chosen so that students can significantly improve their English, have further understanding of foreign culture and its education system, and benefit their future oversea studies.

    • Student Services
      Student Services

      Whenever students are preparing USA VISA or already come to US, we can provide services for them during his study abroad period.  Not just academically, but also in their daily lives to give maximum encouragement and helps. Wealth Ocean professional team would be your best choice to giving you a patient and quality services all the time!

      • Immigration Services
        Immigration Services

        In today’s economy, the global movement of employees is essential. Getting the right people to the right places at the right time, with proper support, is critical to the success of businesses. The USA offers some tremendous opportunities but also has one of the most complicated systems of Immigration in the world.

        • Study Abroad
          Study Abroad

          Studying abroad can provide a better future and build global perspectives for international students. Students can anticipate the learning opportunities out of home country and will experience different cultural and knowledge from such a program. Students will be noticed many other ways to reach into a new level of success.

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